RSG Game Support Page

This page contains links to a variety of downloadable material for use in playing games produced by RSG. All items may be downloaded for free, but are subject to copyright and are for personal use only. Most files are in PDF form. If you do not have a PDF Reader, one may be obtained here.

Yellow Jack Errata

Yellow Jack is RSG's naval game on the War of Jenkins' Ear (i.e. naval warfare in the Caribbean from 1739-1748). A certain amount of errata emerged after the first printing, as well as some debate on weather patterns. The FREE files listed below incorporate all changes as of September 2015. All future sales of the game, both digital and boxed, will incude these changes; if you have purchased a copy of Yellow Jack after the autumn of 2015 you do not need the files listed below.

All games sold since February of 2015 have a revised map that includes all minor errata and one significant change to the Eastern Seaboard. The map overlay listed below is for those players who have an earlier copy of the game. It does not include every piece of errata, but does include the major map change. Be sure to download the generic Errata file, which lists the minor map corrections. This overlay is also available as a hard copy, at a cost of $5.00 USD (for postage). Just write to

All digital copies sold since February of 2015 have included the revised counter sheets as well as the corrected maps. Revised die cut counter sheets ARE available, at a cost of $15.00 USD for the pair, including postage. HOWEVER, the counter sheets will only be available when we conduct one of our scheduled print runs. You can order them at that time. They will not be listed in the Catalog.

Files for Kabinettskrieg and version 3.75 Rules

Kabinettskrieg is RSG's Grand Campaign module for the War of the Austrian Succession. The complete boxed package is very expensive. Therefore, we also offer you the maps by themselves, and the counters by themselves. If you have chosen one of those options, you will still need the text files and display sheets. These are made available here, for FREE.

Note that the KR&Os (3.75) and basic charts found here can be used in any of the games, and you may want to download them solely for that reason. Some of the displays and advanced material can be used with COE, SOK, or QG independently. (Note: the KR&Os and TEC can be accessed separately).

The KK text and card files are combined into single PDFs. Be careful when printing, since the cover of one may wind up on the back of another. The KK text files do not include the basic rulebook (KR&Os). (Note: the digital download version already includes the text files and basic rules).

KK Errata File This file contains rules errata and some additional tables and charts. It is recommended you also download (or obtain a die cut copy of) the General Errata #1 counter sheet, which incudes counter errata for KK (see under Lace Wars 3.5/KR&Os).


Austrian Succession War Russo-Austro-Turkish War Jacobite Wars Naval Wars
War of the Grand Alliance s


Player Aids

Lace Wars 3.5 Files

These files update volumes I, II, II, & IV of the Lace Wars series to be compatible with the 3rd Edition (versions 3.0 or 3.5) of the KR&Os. Some items are books or looseleaf sheets and should be printed on paper. Those items labeled 'Charts' should be printed on cardstock. Those items labeled '11x17' should be printed on 11x17 cardstock, which may then be folded or cut.

Important. The Lace Wars™ system has been upgraded to version 3.75. This version is very close to version 3.5. Most changes to the rules were clarifications or adjustments. Version 3.75 material can be found under the Kabinettskrieg section above.

Files Codes: KR&Os = King's Orders & Regulations, series rules; COE = Cockpit of Europe; CYR = Charlie's Year Redux; THQ = The Highland Quorum, CYR module; PKG = Perdition to King George!, CYR Module; SOK = Sport of Kings; TK = Türkenkrieg; HGH = Heirs of the Golden Horde; RL! = Remember Limerick!

KR&Os Cockpit of Europe Charlie's Year Redux Hats' War
Sport of Kings Queens' Gambit TK/HGH Remember Limerick!
HGH files are for both

Sea Lords

This section contains material for the Sea Lords series. See the Commentary section above for historical information.

Cyberboard & Vassal

Thanks to the independent efforts of a number of people, we are beginning to be able to offer Vassal and Cyberboard gameboxes. The first contribution is from David Jones: a Cyberboard version of Türkenkrieg. Important. To avoid "screening" issues, the file extension for this item is given as ".123". Once you have downloaded it, convert the extension to the usual ".exe" before opening.


The CY Update files are for the owners of the very first Charlie's Year edition. They update the game to the 2nd Edition, rules version 1.0. Charlie's Year Redux (3rd Ed) currently uses the version 3.5 rules.