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Red Sash Games is a desktop design and publishing group dedicated to producing quality board wargames. Our focus is on European and European-style wars, from the late 17th to the early 19th centuries.

Proprietor and Chief Designer is Ian Weir. His primary assistant (without whose hours of unpaid help the games would be nowhere near as polished) is Michael Junkin. And, much assistance comes from volunteers throughout the wargaming community (we'll take help wherever we can find it!).

General Information

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You can check our News Page for the most current information. Also, you can subscribe to our mailing list. We do not have a regular newsletter, but we do correspond whenever there is importat product news, such as a new release or immanent printing. (You may always unsubscribe by clicking the link at the end of any of our notifications.)

Red Sash Games Mailing List

'In Stock' & Reprints

The games are available in two formats: Boxed and Digital Download (DDV). Boxed games include die cut counters. Digital copies are 'print & play'. Boxed versions (ONLY) have a limited-time pre-order price.

Games that are 'out of stock' are not 'out of print'. Our company policy is to print 'on demand'. That is, to print only those games that have been pre-ordered by individuals or distributors. That said, we cannot order up individual copies whenever we like. We can initiate a print run after we have accumuated 50+ game requests. In addition, we automatically initiate a print run when a new title is to be released (this is the best time to order). Once a printing has been announced, you can expect a 2-3 month delay before production is complete.

See below for a list of games currently in stock.


If a game is not in stock, make your request by email or regular post, or by phone. Your orders will be collected, and, when we have enough, a new print run will be initiated. No payment will be required until we go to press.

Digital copies are always available.

You can also try the online retailers listed in the Links section at the bottom of the page.

Now Available for Pre-Order

Our latest title, Army of Roussillon is technically available for pre-order. HOWEVER, the game will not go to press until Fall 2016 and may not be ready until Christmas. If you would like to reserve a copy, we recommend contacting us at rsgmail@shaw.ca instead of making a payment through the catalog, at least until closer to the day. The DIGITAL version of the game is for sale now.
We also have several small projects under development and are starting one large one. You can find out more on the NEWS page.

Games in Stock

We carry very little stock - usually 'overs' from the last print run. At ths time we have no more items in stock. DIGITAL copies are always available. Also, the Clash of Monarchs map is always available since we print those immediately upon request. See the Catalog for prices and ordering.

How to Order

We currently accept International Money Orders (MUST be International MO), Cashier's Cheques, and Paypal™. You may also use your credit card through Paypal. All in US dollars, payable to Red Sash Games (I won't complain if you make them payable to Ian Weir).

Paying by cheque or money order: please place your order by emailing or writing to us (address in the left sidebar).

Paying by Paypal: on the right hand side of the Catalog you will find the usual Add to Cart buttons. These will take you to Paypal's checkout site. (You may continue shopping from there). There are dropdown menus allowing you to select List Price, Pre-Order Price, or Digital Download (print & play).Important: if you try to order an In Stock game at the pre-order price you will be asked to send additional funds to make up the list price.

There are four shipping options. The first three are for boxed copies of the games (or ziplock for small items): North America, Overseas Surface, and Overseas Air. Game prices are the same in each case, but shipping charges differ. The final option is for the Digital Download version; there is no shipping charge here.

You will find a list of shipping charges at the bottom of the Catalog. These are the rates used if you write in with an order. They may differ from the rates charged by Paypal.

Important. The shipping calculator is something new. If you find any errors in the process or disagree on the charges, please write and we will see what can be done.

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