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Red Sash Games News

12 January 2019 General News

Army of Flanders Production

Just a reminder that the cut off date for ordering AOF or any other title is January 15. Discount rates apply on all items that have one. Planned completion date is still some time in April.

Print and Play

The website is being readied to function automatically with regard to buying Print and Play copies. It will be a couple of days before functionality is achieved.

What should happen is this:

1) You press the Buy Now button.

2) You are taken to PayPal and buy the item.

3) You are redirected to a Download page.

4) You hit the DOWNLOAD button.

5) The game you purchased appears as a Zip file which you download to your device and unzip in the usual manner.

If anything does not function as it should please contact us immediately and explain what happened. The files can still be emailed to you.

European Shipping

A reminder that the online store Philibert has requested a few copies of our titles and should have them in stock by May (depending on the completion time and how long it takes to ship them).

We are in talks with Limey Yank Games to see if a bulk shipping arrangement can be made. If the deal works out, expect to be reimbursed for any savings in shipping costs.

Other Projects

We are working on some minor (smaller, simpler) projects, one of which may be ready for public announcement in time for the next print run. 2019's main project will be the Army of the Rhine, finishing of the Nine Years War set. After that, the priority will shift to the Sea Lords system for at least one game.

27 March 2019 General News

Army of Flanders Production

Although I have not been given a fixed date,  completion  is still planned for some time in April.

Print and Play

The automated P&P download mechanism has been experiencing some addressing issues. Hopefully these are now fixed. However, if you experience any problems, please contact us at

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