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17 August 2017 Latest News

Quite a gap since the last news item. Just to fill you in, Army of Roussillon shipped in the Spring and immediately went into a second printing, also shipped by now. This Fall we are publishing two new titles, Army of Italy and Field of Mars. Army of Italy is the second game in the Nine Years War series. Like the title suggests it covers the Italian theatre, from 1690 to 1696. You play either the French under Marshal Catinat or the Coalition (Piedmont, Austria, Spain, Briatin) under Victor II Amadeus of Savoy. The game is a little pricey because it includes seven counter sheets and an 8' by 4' map. Be sure to pick it up at the pre-order price.

Field of Mars is something new. Officially it is a 'battle board' for the Lace Wars series. However, it has been designed to work as a standalone game.

Regarding orders, the games are listed but at this date it is too soon to pay for boxed copies. Instead, you can request a copy by writing to us at The DIGITAL versions of both games ARE available for purchase right now.

The terrain tiles (actually cards) for Field of Mars are produced by DriveThru Cards, who will sell direct to customers. So, if you buy a digital copy, you will need to visit them to obtain the terrain tiles. They can provide you with a real deck or a PDF. The deck has a small charge but the PDF is free. Search for Red Sash Games and Field of Mars at DriveThru Cards.

19 September 2017 Update

Couple of items. First, the production schedule has been set for the printing of Army of Italy and Field of Mars. All orders and payments must be submitted by 15 October. As always, you can order older titles, too. And pre-order prices apply to all games and modules, not just the new titles.

Second, all existing game stock has been sold. Parts and maps are still available, per The Depot

22 August 2017 Website Makeover

By the time you read this our website will have a different look. Support for the webpage-design app I have been using was cut off a couple of years ago, and as Apple has remorselessly advanced its OS I was becoming increasingly frustrated in my efforts to keep the website up to date. Obviously, I have found a solution.

This particular app takes the actual HTML writing out of your hands, making it much faster to implement, but I am concerned that there may be broken links here and there, or no link where there ought to be one. So, I would very much like your impressions of the site, and all suggestions are welcome, but I would especially like to know if anything needs maintenance work.

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