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24 February 2018 General News

Two items of business:

1) The winter production run was completed at the beginning of February, with all orders being shipped off. Currently we have no items in stock.

2) IMPORTANT. The purchase of DIGITAL versions of the games has been automated – I hope. The files are now stored in the Cloud. When you make a purchase you should receive an email with a link to the game you ordered within just a few minutes. From your point of view the process will appear similar to our earlier methods, but it should reduce your wait time considerably, as you will not have to wait for us to respond. Should you experience difficulties (this is a new implementation and there may be bugs) we still store the files locally and can send them to you using the earlier method (Hightail file sharing). This is a fairly important change so any and all feedback is welcome.

8 January 2018 Production Update

Per my last post, January - late January, now - appears to be when the games from the lastest print run will be ready. The shop finally explained to me that they had a shortage of a key component for their machines, so work was very slow. At the time of writing they are basically shut down for lack of working printers, but they should have the parts within a couple of days and the games should be finished either by the end of the same week or in the following week. So, given the other required activities, listed in the December post, the games ought to be ready to ship by the end of the month or within the first few days of February.

9 December 2017 Production Update

It looks like the games from the current print run will not be ready to ship until January. The timeline goes something like this: the shop hopes to have everything done by Christmas, at which time they take 2 weeks off. In practical terms that means I cross my fingers and hope there is a skeleton staff to open the doors so I can collect the parts and do the assembly off site. But, even if that goes smoothly I still need to return the assembled games for shrink wrapping after the shop reopens. I’m bettng it takes a week for wrapping to happen after the games are returned, meaning I can schedule a postal pickup for bulk mailing about the middle of January. If the die cutters also go on vacation before they get around to cutting the counters it will take longer.

Currently, the counters have been printed; as of last Tuesday they had not been sent off for cutting. Maps are also done. The other parts are trivial to produce and should be ready on time. (Not sure why the shop took a whole month to start work on the project, but the owner explained to me that pre-Christmas is their ‘silly season’ with all sorts of badly managed high priority jobs being submitted at the last minute.)

Some people had queries about extra parts or had ordered parts. As long as the work is done on time those should ship immediately, since no assembly is required.

One final note regarding email subscriptions. Recently, a subscriber flagged one of our letters as spam. Please do not do this. It places an official black mark against us. Apart from any legal issues that might arise, companies that gain a bad rep are banned from using bulk email distribution. This would mean that none of our subscribers would receive updates. Considering that you cannot receive company emails unless you have asked to be on the list, our letters can hardly be considered 'unsolicited spam' and flagging such a letter as spam seems to me malicious in intent. If you don't want to receive notifications, just unsubscribe.

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