Queens' Gambit: Italy 1742-48

Volume IV in the Lace Wars Series

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The Game

Queens' Gambit ‡ (QG) is an operational study for 2-4 players that looks at the Italian theatre of the War of the Austrian Succession. This is the last of a set of four games covering that war. From 1741 to 1748 this relatively unknown conflict raged on the continent of Europe. The primary land actions took place in three theatres: the Low Countries, Germany, and Italy. Each game covers one of these theatres. The second game in the series, Charlie's Year, covers a related topic, the famous Jacobite Rising of 1745-46. The War of the Austrian Succession was really a collection of conflicts blended with some common and overlapping themes. In Italy, two viragos - the Queen of Spain and the Queen of Hungary (Maria Theresa of Austria) - competed for domination of the Po valley. Caught between them, the House of Savoy, which held the key passes of the Maritime Alps, played for time before reluctantly choosing to back the Habsburgs against the Bourbons. France, sharing the same royal dynasty as Spain, as reluctantly backed the latter. The conflict here raged longer than in any other theatre of war, yet in the end, there was only stalemate. Spain would make some gains at the peace table, but only thanks to French victories in Flanders.

In the Lace Wars™ series victory is a personal matter. As the Queen of Spain's most recent appointee, can you keep your job in the face of insurmountable obstacles that your queen refuses to acknowledge? As the Queen of Hungary's champion, can you resist the might of France and Spain while acquiring the new territory she desires? As one of the King of France's greatest marshals, can you aid his Spanish relations without crippling the war effort? As Savoy's best general, can you help your monarch keep his throne?

‡ 'Queens' Gambit' is not misspelled. There were two queens involved and only one gambit - stillettos at 10 paces.


1) Three map sections representing Italy from the Alps to Naples, derived from a mix of modern cartography and period maps dating from 1715 to 1750. Scale is 8.5 miles per hex (roughly 4 leagues per hex).

2) 1200 counters representing contingents from France, Savoy, Spain, Austria, Genoa, Venice, Modena, Tuscany, Naples, and Britain,

3) Rules, charts, tables, and display cards.

4) An historical commentary.