Here you can access the historical commentaries of all the games, plus errata files, rulebooks, and updates

Rule Books

Kings Regs Abridged

(Andy Loakes' streamlined version of KR&Os 3.75)

Lace Wars Quick Start Guide

KR&Os 3.75 (latest version)

KR&Os 3.5

NEW Frondeurs et Frondeuses Rulebook

Sea Lords 3.1 (latest version)

Sea Lords 3.0

Sea Lords 2.0

Cold Waves Charts & Tables

(for reference)

Kabinettskrieg Minor Scenarios

(by David Hughes)


(Some very old errata files and rule books have been deleted from the website. If you are looking for something that is not here, drop us a line.)

Hats' War Errata

Corrected Lesser Wrath Displays

Remember Limerick! Errata

(this material was incorporated into PRL)

Kabinettskrieg Errata

Revised KK AWAP Table

Corrected Mistral Display

Mistral 2.0 Upgrade

(optional upgrade; Mistral only exists in version 1.0)

Mistral 2.0 Charts & Tables

(optional upgrade; Mistral only exists in version 1.0)

Nine Years' War Quad Counter Errata

Nine Years' War Quad Grand Campaign Scenario (beta)

War of the Austrian Succession trilogy Q&A

LLH Errata and Q&A

SISU Errata and Q&A