Here you can access the historical commentaries of all the games, plus errata files, rulebooks, and updates

Rule Books

NEW Kings Regs Abridged

(Andy Loakes' streamlined version of KR&Os 3.75)

Lace Wars Quick Start Guide

KR&Os 3.75 (latest version)

KR&Os 3.5

Sea Lords 3.0 (latest version)

Sea Lords 2.0

Kabinettskrieg Minor Scenarios

(by David Hughes)


(Some very old errata files and rule books have been deleted from the website. If you are looking for something that is not here, drop us a line.)

Hats' War Errata

Corrected Lesser Wrath Displays

Remember Limerick! Errata

(this material was incorporated into PRL)

Kabinettskrieg Errata

Revised KK AWAP Table

Corrected Mistral Display

Mistral 2.0 Upgrade

(for owners of the original edition)

Mistral 2.0 Charts & Tables

(for owners of the original edition)

Yellow Jack Files

An unusual amount of errata emerged after the first printing of Yellow Jack, as well as some debate on weather patterns. The files listed here incorporate all changes as of September 2015. All sales of the game after that date incude these changes; if you purchased a copy of Yellow Jack after the autumn of 2015 you do not need the files gathered here.

All games sold since February of 2015 have a revised map that includes all minor errata and one significant change to the Eastern Seaboard. The map overlay is for those players who have an earlier copy of the game. It does not include every piece of errata, but does include the major map change. Be sure to download the generic Errata file, which lists the minor map corrections. This overlay is also available as a hard copy, at a cost of $5.00 USD (for postage). Just write to

All digital copies sold since February of 2015 have included the revised counter sheets as well as the corrected maps. Revised die cut counter sheets ARE available, at a cost of $15.00 USD for the pair, including postage. HOWEVER, the counter sheets will only be available when we conduct one of our scheduled print runs. You can order them at that time. They are not found in The Depot.

Yellow Jack Errata          Yellow Jack Exclusive Rules          Yellow Jack Charts & Tables          Yellow Jack Bourbon OOB          Yellow Jack British OOB          Yellow Jack Large Cards

Yellow Jack Hurricane Map          Yellow Jack Map Overlay          Yellow Jack Counter Sheet #3     Yellow Jack Countersheet #4