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13 July 2021 General News

Current State of the Company

The last post on this page was dated 1 August of 2020. Thought I had better insert an update.

At time of writing we are wrapping up the same print run that the last message talked about, now 5 months overdue (and counting). Hopefully, the games will be finished soon and start shipping by August 2021.

The delay is in great part due to the pandemic, which put a lot of strain on the local company we use to manufacture the games. However, attempting to publish two new games simultaneously under these conditions has also demonstrated that said company, which primarily publishes books, cannot adequately handle the volume of sales we are beginning to achieve. Therefore we are currently exploring other options, specifially having our games manufactured in the USA by a dedicated game publisher. If we can achieve a deal, this will reduce the price of the games and cut shipping costs, not just in the US but probably to Europe as well. Also, the games will truly be available 'on demand', as the company we have in mind will carry a small amount of stock. For those who may still be concerned about shipping costs from the USA, or about quality of product, we will be retaining the services of our local printers, who should be able to handle the reduced volume in a more timely manner. Also, the PnP versions will remain available on this website.

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