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Red Sash Games News

23 December 2019 General News

New SUMMARISED issue of the KR&Os (Basic Rules for the Lace Wars series).

Many thanks to Andy Loakes of Limey Yank Games for drafting a streamlined version of the basic Lace Wars rules (the KR&Os). We hope it will encourage those who have been intimidated by the length and density of the original text. The book is still hefty, but now only because the font is larger. It is based on the latest (version 3.75) rules set. A PDF is available in the Resources section. Andy will also be posting copies at BoardGameGeek and on his own website, LimeyYankGames.

12 November 2019 General News

Parcel o' Rogues Resources

The Resources page now includes a PDF of the cards arranged in sets of 9, with matching backs, plus two versions of the game in Vassal. The mods are also available at BoardGameGeek and have been submitted to the Vassal site.

6 October 2019 General News

Parcel o' Rogues in Production

POR and a variety of older titles are now in production. Expected completion date for all items is still January 2020.

The Print & Play version of POR is now accessible on the website. As noted on the product page, the card deck must be purchased from DriveThru Cards and you will also need 4 bags of 100 wooden cubes (available at a number of online stores). At the time of writing we do have a number of spare cube sets available for the cost of $16 USD plus postage. That is about half the average North American retail price. These sets are being reserved for purchasers of the PnP version and for boxed copies that will be ordered in the future.

Other Projects

The last volume in the Nine Years War quad, Army of the Rhine, is still in development. Ideally it will be ready for ordering early in 2020.

We also have three small side projects on the go, one of which may be available at the same time as Army of the Rhine, or shortly after.

The main project for 2020 is still slated to be a revisit to the Sea Lords system, although I may also issue an updated version 4.0 of the Kings Orders & Regulations - not to worry, the system is not being overhauled. But, if I have the time, I would like to refine the text.

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