Four Corners

Four Expansions for the Sea Lords Series

(Not sold separately)

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The Game

Four Corners contains expansions for the four Sea Lords games set during the time of the War of the Austrian Succession:

1) King George’s War expands the map of Yellow Jack to include New England and Maritime Canada, with a focus on the taking of the French fortress of Louisbourg. This expansion is the most complex, involving expeditionary forces and the same land combat system as Yellow Jack. It also includes a large number of counters.

2) The Carnatic War covers the First Carnatic War of 1744 to 1748 from a purely naval perspective. This is the conflict in which the French captured Madras from the British. Although the maps are isolated from the regions covered by any of the games, the expansion is officially linked to the game Cold Waves. This expansion uses a standard ‘operational’ map for the region of conflict and a strategic map covering the whole of the Indian Ocean. Few counters are provided; most must be supplied by Cold Waves.

3) The Eastern Med expansion extends the map of Mistral to include the remainder of the Mediterranean basin. The expansion itself includes only a few counters — very little action took place in the Levant — but includes the entire 2.0 Upgrade package for Mistral, which was previously available only as a Print-n-Play, and all the errata counters for Mistral.

4) Osmanli Gölü adds a map for the Black Sea. This map can be linked to the Eastern Med and Mistral but the expansion is intended to be used with the Lace Wars games Türkenkrieg and Heirs of the Golden Horde, adding the Russian and Ottoman fleets, which were abstracted in the original games.

Note that these expansions will NOT be sold separately.

IMPORTANT. Each of these expansions requires ownership of at least one of the Sea Lords or Lace Wars games. King George’s War requires Yellow Jack, the Eastern Med requires Mistral, Osmanli Gölü requires Heirs of the Golden Horde (which itself requires Türkenkrieg). The Carnatic War is not physically attached to any game but needs the Cold Waves counter mix.


1) Four rulebooks, one per expansion. Charts & tables included.

2) Five separate maps, one for each expansion except the Carnatic War, which uses two maps.

3) 480 standard square counters plus (in the boxed version) 19 round ones. These represent the British and Bourbon squadrons, leaders, and auxiliary assets, plus some land forces used in King George's War.

4) Short historical Commentary covering King George's War and the Carnatic War (activities in the other theatres were covered in the associated games).

5) Four sets of display cards.